What is Smallbore Rifle?

The Smallbore Rifle Team competes in a league that is part of the Central Michigan Rifle and Pistol League.  The rifle league shoots postal type matches all winter long. In other words, shooting takes place at our home club and the scores are mailed to the league where they keep track of all the statistics. 

The rifle league is a 4 position, Olympic style match where we shoot 10 slow fire shots in each of the 4 positions: standing, kneeling, sitting and prone. There are unlimited sighter shots on the center bull of the A17 ten bull target, then one shot for score per bull for each position for a total of 40 shots or 400 points. Typical equipment would be an Anshutz .22 rifle or similar competition grade .22 rifle, a shooting coat, glove, sling and mat. You may want a spotting scope if you are using iron or globe sights. Most of the team shoots with an optical sight, but it's up to the shooter to decide which sighing system they prefer. 

It helps to have some prior shooting experience if you'd like to join the team but it's not required and the other team members are always more than happy to help a new shooter. Range fee for adults is $6.00 per match. WMRPC offers the use of rifles, equipment and ammunition for $4.00 per match for juniors. The match fee that goes to CMRPL for adults is $2.00 and is free for juniors shooters. For $12 total, an adult could come out with a junior for a great Wednesday night. League starts at 6:30 and runs between late November and early April.

Smallbore Rifle Postal League Schedule

*No 2023/2024 league due to lack of shooters*

Contact for Questions:

Matt Gorby

Rifle Team Captain