What Is Precision Pistol?

The Precision Pistol Team competes in a travel league that is part of the Central Michigan Rifle and Pistol League.  The team shoots some matches at our home club, and some at other clubs within the league.  This league takes place entirely indoors and runs on Thursday nights (with a few exceptions) from late November - early April.

The pistol league is shot with .22 only. We shoot a 900 point aggregate course of fire. This consists of Slow Fire match with each target consisting of one string of ten shots in a time period of ten minutes and two targets. A National Match Course that has one Slow Fire, one Timed Fire and one Rapid Fire target shot with scores from each added up for the match total. A Timed Fire match that has two Timed Fire targets each target shot with two strings of five shots in twenty seconds, and a Rapid Fire match that has two Rapid Fire targets each target shot with two strings of five shots in ten seconds each.  The score from each match is then added to get the possible of 900 points. Each person on the club team acquires a average and then competes against shooters of the same skill level in the league. The highest four scores from each club team is then added together to represent the club as the team score. 

The pistol league is open to adults and juniors, but everyone must supply their own equipment.  The minimum needed is a .22 pistol, ammo, eye protection, and ear protection.  Targets are provided by the club.  Many shooters also have a gun box and spotting scope, although not required.  Pricing is set by the Central Michigan Rifle and Pistol League and will be announced at a later date.

Central Michigan Rifle & Pistol League

Precision Pistol Travel League Schedule

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Janice Raymond




2023 – 2024   SCHEDULE


Matches are on Thursday nights except when shooting at Jackson.  Jackson home matches are on Monday nights.