What is a 2700 Match?

2700 is a shooting sport where athletes use pistols, shoot at targets placed at fixed distances. There are varying time limits and the number of shots fired; ten shots in ten minutes for the slow fire stage, five shot strings in 20 seconds for the timed fire stage and five shot strings in 10 seconds for the rapid fire stage.

Our Bullseye matches use the “900” match format, consisting of 90 rounds; 30 shots slow fire, 30 shots timed fire and 30 shots rapid fire. The “900” match can be expanded to include a .22 caliber 900, a centerfire 900 and .45 caliber 900 for 270 shots total or a possible 2700 points. (or use the .22 for all three!)  All firing is done standing in the off-hand (one handed) position with no artificial support. 

For our outdoor matches, you’ll shoot the slow fire stage under covered firing points at 50 yards, and then move to the covered firing points at 25 yards for the timed and rapid fire stages. Or we hold a “short Course” match where everything is shot at 25 yards, using a reduced slow fire target designated for 25 yards. Our Indoor matches are shot at 50 feet.

What do you need? Bullseye specifies three classes of pistol; a .22 caliber rimfire, a centerfire handgun of .32 caliber or greater; and a .45 caliber pistol. You also have the opportunity to shoot an entire match (all three classes) with your .22. Since the format includes a sustained fire stage, a semi-automatic pistol or revolver with a capacity of at least 5 rounds is needed. For NRA competitions, sights can either be iron sights, a red dot type sight, or telescopic. Laser sights are not allowed. All shooters are required to wear hearing and eye protection. A spotting scope is useful for the slow fire stages, a small staple gun used to staple a “replacement center”, and masking tape for that errant shot that lands outside the area covered by the replacement center.

Shooters are classified based on scores, i.e. Tyro (beginner) Marksman (the lowest classification), Sharpshooter, Expert, Master and High Master. They can also be classified by category, i.e. civilian, service, police, women, senior (60 to 69 years of age), grand senior (70+) and junior. A shooter using their .22 for the entire match will be classified in a .22 only group.

Our Matches open for registration at 9am with shooting beginning at 10am. The Slow fire range is just out from the Club making it easy to transfer equipment to the line. With our 50 yard range separate from our 25 yard range, we offer a trailer for shooter’s and their equipment to move between ranges. Along with your shooting supplies, you’ll need to bring your own lunch, water will be provided.  See below documents for pricing information.

Indoor 2700 Matches Schedule

Saturday, February 3rd 

Saturday, March 2nd

Saturday, April 6th

Outdoor 2700 Matches Schedule

Short Course - 25 yd - Saturdays

Long Course - 50 & 25 yd - Sundays 


    4th (short) 

5th (long)


    1st (short) 

2nd (long)


10th and 11th - Regional



  5th (short) 

6th (long)

Contact for Questions:

Janice Raymond


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