Club Rules

1. The red flag raised on the power pole in front of the clubhouse at the100-yard firing line signifies that the range is in use, including the 25-yard covered range, 200-yard, and 300-yard lines. The yellow flag raised on the power pole in front of the clubhouse signifies that the archery range is in use and the only other ranges open are the trap or 100-yard range.

2. The red flag at the club entrance and at the light pole (red flag for firearms or yellow flag for archery) must be in the up position during all shooting and lowered after all shooting or a match is completed.

3. Any participant displaying unsafe or intoxicated behavior will be disqualified and removed from the range.

4. The outdoor range will be unavailable for personal use during any scheduled outdoor events.

5. When firearms are not cased, they must remain unloaded, actions open, and muzzles pointed in a safe direction.

6. Firearms carried from staging to the firing line must meet range rule #5 also.

7. No firearms shall be loaded until on the firing line.

8. On the firing line, all muzzles must point down range toward the target area – no exceptions!

9. If the range officer calls “cease fire,” all shooting stops, all actions are opened, and all chambers cleared of unfired rounds. The range officer will further advise.

10. Upon completion of firing, firearms must be unloaded, actions open, and muzzles held in a safe direction while returning to the staging area.

11. Archery practice must be on the southwest range only.