Welcome to the Western Michigan Rifle and Pistol Club!

We are a multipurpose sportsman’s club that has long served Ionia, Saranac, Belding and the surrounding areas of Michigan, drawing members from as far away as Grand Rapids and Lansing.

***Notice: rifle lane updates***

The following improvements have been made to the rifle lanes:

Replaced the board for paper targets at 100 yards

Adjusted the offset on the gong holder at 100 yards to protect the supports

Applied orange market paint to the supports on all rifle distances

*The orange paint is to makr where the supports are located. DO NOT shoot anything marked with orange paint, as this will result in maintenance downtime.*

***Notice: pistol pit flag***

The Pistol Pits now have their own flag, located on the edge of the parking lot.

When using the Pistol Pits, use the RED flag at the gate and the RED flag at the parking lot.

The RED flag at the Trap Houses, for the main covered lanes, is optional if you are just using the Pits.