Welcome to the Western Michigan Rifle and Pistol Club!

We are a multipurpose sportsman’s club that has long served Ionia, Saranac, Belding and the surrounding areas of Michigan, drawing members from as far away as Grand Rapids and Lansing.

***Note: new flagging system installed for rifle lanes***

SIGNS: Two signs have been posted stating that when GREEN FLAGS are displayed, all firearms must be in a safe condition and not handled.  One is on the utility shed next to the Rifle Range.  The other is on the support post of the covered range, so the displayed flags can be seen from all lanes.

REMINDER: Safe Condition means that the slide / cylinder is open, magazines have been removed and the chamber is empty.  The firearm is then placed on the bench with the barrel pointing down range.

FLAGS: There are two flag holders on the support post along with the Safety sign, and a third holder on the back of the 100 yard Rifle Target stand.

1) Above the sign, to be facing behind the line, is a holder indicating if the Rifle Range is in use (RED), has someone checking their targets (GREEN), or is not in use (no flag).  If you are using the Rifle Range, please use the appropriate flag.

2) Behind the sign, facing the range, is a series of storage tubes for the RED flag and two GREEN flags.  Each flag has its own tube and shares a common bottom stop.

3) If you are using the Rifle Range, place the RED flag in the holder above the sign, facing behind the line.  If you need to check your targets at 100-200-300 yards, replace the RED flag with the GREEN flag and take the second GREEN flag to the holder at 100 yards.

4) Return any flag that is not in use to its holder.

NOTE:  DO NOT go in front of the firing line without following the SAFETY procedure first.


1) If you are using the 100-200-300 yard rifle lanes, put up the RED flag to indicate that those distances are in use.

2) If you need to check on your targets in the 100-200-300 yard range, swap the RED flag for a GREEN flag, and take up the second GREEN flag.  Inform all other Members who are on the line that you will be going in front of the line to check your targets.  DO NOT cross in front of the line until all other shooters have placed their firearms in a safe condition and backed off the line.

3) Once the range is safe, take the second GREEN flag and bring it to the 100 yard targets and post it.  Check your targets as needed.

4) Retrieve the GREEN flag from the 100 yard stand and return to the line.  Swap out the GREEN flag for the RED flag to indicate the range is now hot and all members can resume shooting.

NOTE:  Make sure that all members are behind the line before resuming shooting and are aware that the range is once again HOT.

NOTE:  No matter what part of the range you intend to use, always check the flags and look down range before you begin shooting.