Bullseye! Indoors

We are very fortunate at WMR&PC to be able to still support two teams in the CMR&P League. This league is shot with 22 only and is primarily a Thursday night shoot with three exceptions. We shoot a 900 point aggregate course of fire. This is a Slow fire match that consists of two slow fire targets. A National Match Course that has one slow fire, one timed fire and one rapid fire target. A timed fire match that has two timed fire targets, and a rapid fire match that has two rapid fire targets in it. The teams in our club are Ionia (shooting Tuesdays) and Mavericks (shooting Thursdays).

Bullseye! Outdoors

Your club is very active in Bullseye shooting. This club is one of the two active ranges located in Michigan and is by far the best range. We have received many complements about our range, the beauty of it's setting, the layout, and how well the range is run.

Of all the ranges that I have shot at, the West Michigan range rates within the top three.

by Bob Rogers
 25 Yard Covered Line  50 Yard Targets
        50 Yard Covered Line                                          300 Yard Range
Trap League
The Trap shooters meet every Monday Sunday evening from 6:00pm to about 9:00pm and runs thru October.  

The rifle and pistol ranges are closed during this time.


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